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  At Newark Naz we have a vision that everyone connected to our faith family will be leading others in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. This vision is rooted in the Great Commission, but also reflects a hopeful way of being the church in our time and place. If discipleship is not the end goal of the church, then the church is not being the church (if you know what I mean. ) Disciples are committed to Christ for salvation and for sustained living by faith. Discipleship is not just an intellectual or a emotional achievement, but is actual,

News You Can Use If You Choose

  Mission. It is something we are about and it is something we do. We have a mission and we are on mission. Mission defines us and mission compels us. Mission is not our identity (Christ is), but mission is our response. We can not just talk about mission. We have to act on it. Newark Naz' mission is "leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ." That is something that we say and something that we do. Here is how we are doing mission recently and in the next few weeks: We gathered a group of more than

News You Can Use If You Choose

  At Newark Naz we have a vision that everyone connected to our faith family will be leading others in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. This vision is rooted in the Great Commission, but also reflects a hopeful way

Looking Forward In Hope

  The last few months have been exceedingly difficult for the global family. News of violence, racism, terrorism, suffering, and great tragedy seem to be daily occurrences. With so much bad news, what does it mean to be a people

News You Can Use If You Choose

It is raining today in Newark, Ohio. Not the kind of rain that makes you build a boat and gather your animals for evacuation, but the kind of rain that just changes the day. We plan the day differently. We

News You Can Use If You Choose

Yesterday I preached on Psalm 1 with the focus being our delight in God. The hoped for outcome is that we move in faith beyond just liking God for what He does for us or listening for Him to speak clearly

News You Can Use If You Choose

Tragedy. Terrorist Act. Murder. Psychopath. Call it what you want, but the Orlando night club shooting is a devastating loss of life on many levels. With more than 100 dead or wounded we know that thousands of family members have

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Baptisms are Beautiful Stories. That is how I think of every single person that I baptize or witness being baptized by the church. Baptism makes public our private belief that God has saved us and given us new life. Our

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"If" the Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, He who raised Christ Jesus from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through His Spirit who dwells in you. (Romans 8:11 -

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Yesterday, we focused our faith on the ascension of our Lord who is not dead or absent or aloof in our world or in our struggles. He is alive and reigns on high. The good news of Christ is that

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I remember singing a song in church as a kid. In fact I remember singing a lot of songs in church as kid. Some were good ones that affirmed my faith and some where just songs that seemed to help

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For as in one body we have many members, and the members do not all have the same function,  so we, though many, are one body in Christ, and individually members one of another.  Having gifts that differ according to

Softball Season is Here!

We are forming a team to play softball on Monday nights at Geller Park. There is a fee of $25. If you are at least 15 and interested in playing and would like to join the team, you can sign

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Yesterday I made a visit to all three of our campuses and had a great time just sitting and sharing in worship. We are blessed to have many committed volunteers to work with our staff at each campus hosting hundreds

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Five services, Connect Cafe, an afternoon wedding, Kids/Students game night, Men's leadership retreat, Starting Point class, student leader's training - just a few of the things happening at Newark Naz today. What a day and what a Sunday. God is

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“I am praying for you today.” We say that or we have people say that to us, but sometimes it is little more than a greeting or benediction. We know prayer is good for us and we believe that it

Meaningful Moments

Rituals are a helpful thing. They allow us to put punctuation on important events in our lives. This is especially true of the pastoral office and Christian ministry. Weddings finalize the courtship of two individuals who have held their interest

Ask It: A Matter of Morals

When it comes to temptation and decision-making, we all look for loopholes as we look for excuses to tell ourselves “yes” when we should tell ourselves “no.” We ask, “Is there anything wrong with this? Is it illegal? Will it

Ask It: A Matter of Time

One of your most valuable assets is your time. You can make more money and you can make more friends, but you can’t make more time. So how do you make wise use of your time? Knowing what to do

Ask It: The Question

What if there was a question that would clarify your best option for many of the decisions you make in life—a question that answers just about everything? It would have the potential to foolproof your relationships, marriage, finances, calendar, pace,

Summer Splash – June 23

  June 23rd from 5-7pm at the YMCA Pool Who? Families with foster kids and Community-Based Matches of Big Brothers Big Sisters in Licking County are invited! When and Where? Join us on June 23rd from 5-7pm at the YMCA

Summer Serve 2015 – June 22-27

When: June 22-27, 2015 Destination: Newark, Ohio Join us this summer as we serve our local community in the neighborhoods near our three Newark Naz locations. Our group will help with a variety of projects including kids’ camps, construction/renovation projects,

Lenten Resources 2015 – Journey to the Cross

Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the season of Lent.  Lent is a forty day period of preparation in anticipation of Holy Week and Easter.  The forty day journey is a time to focus on Jesus and how much we need grace

Art of Marriage – Small Group Study

When: Tuesdays, starting January 13 (6:30 PM – 7:30 PM) Location: Williams Street Location (Fellowship Hall) Cost: $25 per couple for small group workbook Childcare: Available if registered by January 4 Registration: Register by January 4 by emailing Jessica Busack and

Emily Humble is going to Peru (let's go with her!)

Emily Humble has been serving Newark Naz as the Assistant Pastor to Children and their Families in Kid City for the past few years. While here at Newark Naz, she has gotten to know many of our children, built strong

Resources for Groups and Classes

Below is a list of resources for groups and classes which can be used to strengthen families.  You can click on the pictures and links provided for more details.  Contact our Family Ministries Pastor to see if the resource is

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Throughout history, God has called people to rise up and take their place as kingdom workers—yet today, as that call goes out to teenagers, many don’t respond because they believe they’re too young, or too ordinary, or too flawed. Rise

The Bible App for Kids (You Version)

    This new You Version Bible App for Kids will introduce kids to God’s Story with kid-friendly navigation, touch-activated animations, engaging content to the big story of the Bible, and experiences designed to encourage kids to return again and

#006: Ignite

Here's our sixth episode of the Student Community Leadership Podcast recorded live at Ignite on Wednesday, November 13, 2013. Enjoy!

#005: Belize Meeting

This podcast episode is simply a recording of the meeting we had recently with our Belize mission team. PDF: 2013 1112 Belize Fundraising Meeting Thanks!

#004: God is First [Podcast]

Simple question: is God first in your life? All throughout Scripture we find that God is calling us to place Him first, above everything else. In this podcast, Eric challenges us to ask this question in three areas of our

It's Not Complicated [video] As we prepared for a sermon on false teachers (2 Peter 2:10b-22) we thought we would sit down with some kids and ask them what they thought about the truth and lies. Here is what they said.


It’s hard to know how to help someone who is going through a divorce.  It takes a long time and a lot of work to heal the pain that comes with the breakup of a marriage. DivorceCare is a special

DivorceCare for Kids

DivorceCare for Kids, DC4K, is designed for children ages 5-12 whose parents are separated or  divorced.  Our DivorceCare for Kids combines activities, music, and DVD dramas to create a safe place for kids.  Kids learn to understand their feelings and

Operation Gear Up 2013 Recap Operation Gear Up is a ministry of Newark Naz that engages the local community by supplying free school supplies and free hair cuts for kids in need. We also provide free family photos, games, and snacks. This year we

MyStory: Anthony Perrine Anthony loved to party. When he went out with friends he viewed drinking like a competition and Anthony had to be the winner. He partied hard and it was defining who he was until one night where he got

MyStory: Nancy Jozwiak On Valentines Day 2001, Nancy's faith was shaken and tested when a grave tragedy struck their family. Nancy wrestled with her relationship with Christ as she tried to see God in this situation, but the grief was to much

Purpose and Direction of Student Community

Pastor Wes made a comment in a recent sermon that stated “every ministry should re-evaluate its vision every two years”. This comment has resonated in my heart and motivated me to write out the purpose, approach, and where we are

Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday Prayer Walk The day is here! Our Newark Naz Ash Wednesday Prayer Walk is taking place today from 6:30 am to 8:00 pm at our Williams Street location. We invite you to drop in anytime throughout the day

The Art of Marriage The Art of Marriage is a video-based marriage conference presented by FamilyLife.  The Art of Marriage brings together some of the most respected and influential pastors and experts on marriage and family. This event is designed to equip and

Vibrant Faith at Home

Vibrant Faith @ Home is an interactive resource designed to give you unlimited access to easy-to-use tools, tips, family activities, blogs, forums, and advice--everything you need to build a stronger, more faith-focused family.  You will find new activities each season.

Family Life e-Mentoring

FamilyLife eMentoring is an anonymous, online mentoring community with custom-matched confidants who offer similar past experience and a biblically-based perspective.  Go to where you can submit an email to request a mentor. 

Request a Marriage Mentor

We realize that there may be couples who would like to have someone available to talk with them for encouragement and support.  We have a marriage mentor team that is available to help couples who are newly married, couples who