News You Can Use If You Choose

News You Can Use If You Choose



At Newark Naz we have a vision that everyone connected to our faith family will be leading others in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. This vision is rooted in the Great Commission, but also reflects a hopeful way of being the church in our time and place. If discipleship is not the end goal of the church, then the church is not being the church (if you know what I mean. ) Disciples are committed to Christ for salvation and for sustained living by faith. Discipleship is not just an intellectual or a emotional achievement, but is actual, real, and relevant in daily living. A disciple of Christ show signs of life in him as we submit and  surrender to his authority in our world.

How does that look pastor? Well, it looks like this.

Newark Naz is a congregation of believers who are…

Committed to Being Transformed from the Inside-Out,
A Passionate Witness of God’s Love/Goodness for all,
Generous in Giving to God and Others (time, talents, treasure),
Living with Intention daily in Devotion and Weekly in Worship,
Joyful in everything as the Body of Christ.

This is what I am praying for, hoping for, working for today/this week as a part of this pastoral team. Our goal is not to be rich and famous. Our contentment comes in being righteous and recognized by Christ as his disciples.





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